About this PKD Blog

Whats is PKD? Well,  the reality is that I don’t need to explain it to you, because the chances are you already know exactly what this disease is about. You either expected for a very long time that you might have it, or, when you found out that you did have  it, it came as a complete surprise!

In either case, you’ve been searching the internet for more detail, news  of a cure, dodgy chinese osmo-something-or-another, and anything you can find, because as it stands, the medical community likely hasn’t given you a meaningful way to tackle the situation.

News articles refer to PKD as “devastating”, people are writing on their cars asking for kidneys – it sounds scary, and there are alot of people that are  ready to share the stories, often sad, of how PKD has impacted their family and the generations that came before them.

PKD&ME.com is focused on finding and disseminating relevant news on the progress being  made to fight PKD, and  in the process ensure that you, dear reader, are aware of what the world  is doing to combat this illness. Remember, we’ve never been closer to a cure than we are today!

Check back regularly for news on clinical trials being undertaken, discoveries being made, and just generally positive news on everything related to Polycystic Kidney Disease.


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